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Showroom Detail

Showroom Detail


A Showroom package is recommended at least once a year to maintain your vehicle properly. This package is great for an overall, general clean up with added paint protection. The exterior washes includes a full decontamination (Clay Bar & Iron Strip) as well as a ceramic sealant application; we also deep clean and extract all fabric surfaces, floor mats, seats, headliner, trunk!

Package duration ranges from 5-8 hours depending on size and condition of the vehicle.

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A Showroom package is recommended at least once a year to maintain your vehicle properly.

What Our Clients Say

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Pramod Choudhary
Pramod Choudhary
March 11, 2024.
Very professional and hassle free dealings. Dakota was extremely courteous and skilled at his job...Did a very clean job. I would recommend you guys without any reservations.
Tami Zima Sebastian
Tami Zima Sebastian
March 10, 2024.
Great job and incredible customer service. Pricing is a little confusing, too many web sites imo. Would definitely recommend 👌
JAVIER Sanchez
JAVIER Sanchez
March 10, 2024.
Excellent service i will recommend 100%. Fast service Excellent quality work definitely will take my further cars to get windows tinted with this company
jillian ashley
jillian ashley
March 9, 2024.
Dakota did an Amazing job & Very professional! I love my tint definitely recommended if your looking for a great service and work!
Michel Fernandez
Michel Fernandez
March 7, 2024.
They did a very good job and hand wash 2 weeks later included. Would recommend and use again their services
Saika M
Saika M
March 6, 2024.
I had my windows tinted by Dakota at his home office. He’s very professional. I could tell he’s a perfectionist. My windows came out fabulous. I’m very happy. I would highly recommend him. He’s a standup guy.
Travis Thomas
Travis Thomas
March 5, 2024.
By far the best mobile detailing company in Orlando! Very professional and great staff. I’ve been using them for years now.
Doug Merritt
Doug Merritt
March 1, 2024.
Great job! My four-year-old truck looks and smells brand new!
Martha Seneff
Martha Seneff
February 27, 2024.
DDM Services was the best detail experience I have ever had!!! I needed to get my son's "very used" car ready to sell and I could not believe it was the same car when they finished! I used every service they had detailing everything, shampooing interior, headlight magic, the works and it was a miracle what they accomplished! Door to door service, they did not even use our water. Very nice young gentleman worked diligently! You will not be disappointed!

Our Process

To learn more about any of these steps, click on the figure for a detailed explanation, and a quick video demonstration of our process!

Step 1 - Clean Rims

Cleaning rims is always our first stop. We use a delegated rim cleaner, a delegated tire cleaner, as well as 4 different detailing brushes for the job. We get around all spokes, lug nuts, calipers, as well as the barrels (insides of the rims) during this step.

Step 2 - Pre Rinse

This is a safety step to ensure we are as gentle as possible when working with the paint. A pre-rinse removes the bigger contaminants so we don’t drag them on the paint during the hand washing step. We will pretreat with our Foam soap, let dwell, and hit all cracks and crevices with a detail brush in this phase. 

Step 3 - Foam Hand Wash

We wash with 3 different wash mitts to ensure we don’t get cross contamination. We use Gyeon’s Foam for a soap that is thick, and extremely slick allowing for a safe and effective hand wash. 

Step 4 - Decontamination

After a thorough hand wash, we go through and do the iron strip and clay bar to smooth out the paint, remove old waxes/sealants, and remove what can’t be removed with a normal hand wash (Industrial fallout). 

Step 5 - Apply Ceramic Sealant

Following a very liberal rinse to remove any remaining soap, we apply a spray on coating over all the painted surfaces. This can be upgraded for a longer lasting 1-2 year ceramic  coating, but this is where we apply protection!

Step 6 - Shampoo Floor Matts

The shampooing of the floor matts is done during the washing cycle, where we use the pressure washer, drill brush, and extractor to get the best results for removing stains/grime from your high traffic floor matts. 

Step 7 - Rinse & Dry

A thorough rinse is necessary so there are no soap streaks, followed by a soft hand towel dry, and full blow out of cracks and crevices. Rims and tires are blow dry for a spotless finish.

Step 8 - Door Jambs & Interior Blow Out

Following the exterior blow dry, we also blow out the entire interior; all vents, nooks & crannies, under seats, and doors. During this time, the other technician is detailing all door jambs, including the trunk!

Step 9 - Interior Detail

Our interior detail is the same across all packages, starting with the steering wheel, and working around the vehicle. We have special leather scrubbing brushes, as well as tiny detail brushes to make sure no dust is left behind. 

Step 10 - Vacuum & Seats

While one technician details the interior, one tech will get the initial vacuum and lightly scrub leather seats.

Step 11 - Final Blow Out & Vacuum

We then move onto the final stages (Almost done! 20-30 minutes remaining). We get one final blow out with the air compressor focussing between the seats, and the center consoles, and get a perfect finish on the vacuum.

Step 12 - Windows

Windows are crucial to a perfected detail! We touch all windows inside and out, even the sunroof! For the door windows, we will start the car, and crack the windows to make sure we get the tops. 

Step 13 - Touch Ups

Touch ups are done both inside and out. We tell the guys, this is where we specifically look for things we missed. All shiny parts of the interior, and remaining water marks or smudges, and one more quick touch up of the door jambs.

Step 14 - Tire & Trim Dressing

The finishing touches for your vehicle are making the dull areas shiny! We dress all trim with Gyeon’s Preserve, dress the black parts of the wheel wells, and apply tire shine going one tread depth in.

Green Mclaren with Doors Up

Step 15 - Mark Completed

By this time, you should have received a ‘completed text’ from our automated system letting you know to come check it out. We will walk around the vehicle pointing out specific areas we noticed, any recommendations, or areas we were proud of! This is your time to go over the vehicle and make sure we exceeded your expectations. Once you are satisfied, we will return your keys and check you out. 

Common Service Upgrades - Showroom Detail

Below you’ll see what most people do to go the extra mile with their Showroom Detail Package. You can add these to your cart when checking out by changing the category to ‘Service Add-Ons’ on Urable. If you’re having trouble with this, just mention the upgrades in the notes section!



A windshield coating is incredibly hydrophobic and designed to increase visibility in poor weather driving conditions. Easier, as well as self cleaning, will give you optimal clarity in inclement weather.

There are two options:

Gyeon’s QuickView for up to 6 months of protection

Gyeon’s Q2 View Coating for over a year of protection

*Please select a coating for proper pricing*



An Engine Bay Detail consists of a full under-the-hood clean up. Also included is a dressing applied to black plastic pieces to make them look new again! Allows your engine to run cooler!



Night time visibility is maximized with perfected headlights. Driving safe, as well as a slight face lift of old and worn out headlights. We have two options as follows:

Polish Restoration – 2 stage polish, topped with a ceramic coating to add a layer of protection.

Full Restoration – Full wet sanding process, polished to perfection, as well as a ppf film applied allowing for a lifetime warranty.

*Please select the option that best suites you for an accurate quote*



This is to isolate specific areas of concern.

Paint Transfer, small scratches, anything specific to isolate on the vehicle

Price as Per Hour, For an accurate quote, please email pictures.

Please note, similar to painting, we have to do an entire panel when addressing concerns, not just a small spot. Minimum charged is 1 hour.

Please book in advance in case touch up paint needs to be ordered (3-5 days in advance)



Leather Coat – Coating protects for up to 3 months

Leather Shield – Coating protects for 12-24 months

Great for UV, spill, dye transfer, and anti abrasive protection.

*Please select size of vehicle, and which coating (Durability)*



Q2 TRIM will not only enrich and enhance the look of new plastics, it will restore plastic trim and bring it back to life from a faded appearance. This ceramic coating is a high quality single layer product designed to be used on any plastic piece of the vehicle including trim, engine bay plastics, headlamps or tail lamps, even soft piano black finishes.

*Please select proper vehicle size for an accurate quote*

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